Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Create Sexual Tension With a Women the Right Way

Did anyone ever teach you the right way to create sexual tension with a woman? Probably not, right? I know no one did in my case, and I had to learn through lots of trial and error.
And trial and error is not always fun, especially when you end up making more errors than you do any successes. Of course, after a while, I started to get it right, but it could have been a lot easier had someone taken the time to explain how to create sexual tension with a woman the right way.

Well, I picked up a lot of insights, so here are a few that should be helpful:

1. Playful is better than anything else that you can think of.
Being playful with a woman is probably the best and the easiest way to create sexual tension with her. It does not stress you or her out at all, and it's massively effective. Doesn't matter if she is 22, 32, or 42. She will respond very well if you are playful with her. This should make sense, as when two people are in love, they tend to be very playful with each other, so when you can mimic that kind of behavior with a woman, guess what she's going to start to feel?

2. Less is more.
Trying too hard to create sexual tension will actually do worse for you than easing up a little and just letting it happen. A little natural friction between the two of you can go a lot further than anything that's staged, so focus on making it seem real and authentic and not like it's some routine that you have developed. Of course, it very well may be a routine that you have developed, but as long as it comes off natural, she will respond accordingly.

3. Women feel an incredible amount of sexual tension when you are able to walk away from them.
Most guys end up lingering around a woman for too long. At some point, you need to be able to walk away from her. I'll give an example. Let;s say you meet a woman at a party, the two of you seem to be hitting it off great. If you stay there for too long, then there's a good chance that there's going to end up being one of those long and awkward silent moments, right? However, if you walk away at the height of the conversation, all she feels is massive attraction plus the tension from you walking away. That's a good mixture.

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