Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shop Online Earning Free Gifts by Hosting an E-Party

With the holidays quickly approaching now is the time to put together a gift budget that will allow for purchasing nice presents for our friends and family. There are many ways that the internet has not only made it easy to shop comfortably at home in our easy chair, but earning free gifts while doing so. Hosting an online party, now called an e-party, is a way to not only shop but to earn points or dollars toward your purchases. So exactly how does an e-party work? How does one earn free items?

The online business the hostess has chosen to "party with" will provide the party host with an email flyer that she may print and hand out in person or email to friends and family, called guests, encouraging them to shop during a one or two week period of time. The guests would then go to the website to shop from their smart phone, (yes the website should be mobile ready), laptop or desktop computer. The guests would then register for the website sponsoring the online party. By registering online, this enables the guest to earn reward points or store credits to their newly created account. Some website may not require you to register but there is usually kudos if you do sign up.

Browse through the website, and then place your order using the special hostess discount code provided in the email sent from your hostess. This discount code is different for each hostess and may be a series of numbers and characters or may be the name of your hostess. Then place your code in the discount code box in the shopping cart. By using the hostess code the sponsoring website can track the activity of e-parties. Many websites offer discounts and /or free gifts to the party hostess and her guests.

The fun part of being a hostess is that you will earn part of the proceeds from your e-party in the form of store credits. Let's say for example if your e-party sales are $100.00 you earn $20.00 in store credits toward your purchases. If your party brings in $200.00 you earn $40.00 in store credits and so on and so on. This may differ depending on which company or type of e-party you choose to host. There are many to choose from whether it is kitchen ware, jewelry, clothing or home d├ęcor. Most companies offer for each of your guests that host their own e-party within a certain amount of days, you will receive an additional store credit providing their e-party reaches a certain amount in sales! The more store credits applied to your online purchase means some of your items purchased may not cost you anything! Earn free items this way. It's easy!

To begin the process, find an online company that you would like to host a party with. Then find the page that allows you to Request a Party and complete the form. The online company you have chosen will then contact you via email or phone and set the time and date for your e-party.

Enjoy holiday shopping with your friends and family from the comfort of your home, workplace, the ski mountain, park or where ever you may be.

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